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Welcome! Beautifully Connected is a holistic health and wellness company. Our certified and insured professionals provide Massage and Doula services to Oklahoma City Families! We are your personal assistants for family wellness!

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    Massage Therapy

    Wellness is an important aspect in life. We all take our car to a mechanic to ensure it is in proper order; surely our bodies are much more important! Self care through massage will keep you well by reducing your stress and tension, increasing circulation, and improving your overall health. We offer in-home, mobile, Oklahoma City massage therapy. Learn more about Massage Therapy.

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    Doula Services

    We are certified and insured Oklahoma City doulas. We act as your personal assistant through pregnancy and life. Your doula will compassionately guide you and your partner through the uncertainty of pregnancy, birth, and baby care. You can relax and enjoy the birth process along with you, while relying on an experienced professional. Your medical provider will keep you and your child in good health, and we will make sure you have the best support possible during this momentous time! You are a rock star! You deserve the best support team. Find out more about Doula Services.

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    The Birth Doula and Your Labor Support

    We will assist your unique needs during pregnancy and labor, and fill the mold of support that you create for us. We will be ready to meet you at the hospital at a moments notice, and will be on call for you throughout your entire pregnancy! 24/7! You deserve to birth on your own terms, and we are prepared to assist you! Learn more about Labor Support for your pregnancy.

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    Prenatal Education and Rebozo Support

    Don’t have all the answers yet? That’s ok. We are experts in childbirth and hospital procedure. Enjoy a private prenatal education course with your partner, in the comfort of your own home. Learn about the Traditional Rebozo and how to use it for your modern childbirth experience! This course will be tailored to the needs of your specific birth preferences and situation. Find out how you can benefit from Prenatal Educaiton.

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    Postpartum Doula Support

    A new baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual! But your new bundle CAN come with postpartum care and support! Find your village with Oklahoma City postpartum doulas, while you recover from giving birth. We will help you navigate through the uncertainty of postpartum recovery and newborn care. We are available for short shifts, long-term care, and even live in support! Our baby experts will assist you in becoming an expert yourself, while enjoying rest and peace of mind. Get more information on Postpartum Support.

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    Bereavement Support

    Find the support you need with us. Hire a professional Bereavement Doula to walk with you on your journey through loss. We will help you navigate this sensitive time, and give you support, compassion, and confidence. Is your loved one or family member dealing with a pregnancy loss? Give the gift of professional support. We are understand your grief, and want to help you cope and find light in your situation. Click to learn more about our Private Bereavement Support.

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Our Mission for Oklahoma City, OK:

We provide quality wellness services to families in the Oklahoma City Metro area. We serve families, people who have chronic pain, and people who need support. We combine massage therapy with other integrative therapies like kinesiology taping, birth and bereavement doula services, and childbirth and rebozo education. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and supported in every aspect of your life. We employ local professionals and give them an opportunity to work serving the people they love for a living wage. We do this while providing outstanding, and economical care for our consumers in Oklahoma City and the Surrounding areas.

Relax, Feel safe, and Heal with us. Make a reservation today! Call us at 262-75-DOULA! (36852)