Diastasis Recti Healing: FAQ

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Oklahoma City Diastasis Recti Treatment: FAQs

Fix Diastasis Recti in Oklahoma  Frequently Asked Questions: Have questions about how we can help with diastasis recti? These questions are some that we get frequently. BOOK NOW Q: WHAT DO YOU DO FOR DIASTASIS RECTI? A: We offer a consult that includes neuromuscular massage, kinesiology tape, and corrective exercise. You are fully dressed during the consult. The treatment starts … Read More

Two is Better than One- Your Team of Doulas

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Hire a TEAM of two doulas for your birth! Why settle for less? Beautifully Connected Labor Support and Birth Doula in Oklahoma

When you book doula services with Beautifully Connected you benefit by adding TWO birth experts to your team! Two is Better Than One! Two is Better Than One! The on call lifestyle of a doula is a very difficult to maintain. Many solo doulas are on call for 2 or 3 weeks surrounding your due date. We are on call for you … Read More

Is Your Baby Tongue Tied? Consider Bodywork!

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Informal Case Study: Benefit of Massage for Tongue Tied Infant In my experience as a massage therapist I have seen that bodywork therapies such as massage and chiropractic care can be beneficial for newborns who have been diagnosed with tongue tie. Tongue Tie is described as a tight band of tissue or muscular restriction in the mouth that can prevent … Read More

Will You Be Mad If I Get an Epidural?

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Will you be mad if I get an epidural? Designer Doula's Insight on "epidural doula"

Will You Be Mad or Disappointed if I Decide to get an Epidural? Designer Doula Perspective. There is a misconception that Doulas are only for unmedicated, natural birthing, hippies! Doulas are very knowledgeable in physiological labor and birth! Many people hire us because they are looking for support through unmedicated labor. But, we are equally valuable during a medicated or cesarean birth! … Read More

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Alternative Management

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What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a broad term used to describe health problems that are caused by an issue of Musculature within the pelvic floor or corresponding muscles. The main problems that pelvic dysfunction are categorized by: bladder and bowel dysfunction… (HELLO SNEEZE-PEE,) prolapse, and sexual dysfunction, (pain with intercourse.) That sneeze-pee, cough-pee, laughing-pee, means dysfunction!!! GOOD NEWS! … Read More

Fix Fascial Adhesions from Scars and Injuries

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Fascial Adhesions: How to Treat them

How to Fix Fascial Adhesions from Surgery and Injury Scars When tissue is damaged enough to form a scar, sometimes that scar tissue becomes adhered to other connective tissues. This is called an adhesion. Ideally, your skin should lay smoothly over your connective tissue, and should move fluidly. Adhesions can cause pain, tension and overall dysfunction. When you have an injury to the network of … Read More

How a Doula Gives Birth: Rebozo Magic

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My whole pregnancy I spent preparing.  I had four births, three of them quite traumatic for me. The last, although not traumatic, I could have been better respected by my care providers. Because I am a worrier, and a planner, I made a stellar visual birth plan. Then, set out to find an OB who would respect all my wishes! … Read More

Is My Baby Hungry? Or Overstimulated?

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It can be difficult to tell the difference between a hungry baby and an overstimulated baby! Newborns get overstimulated quickly because their nervous system is immature. They can not process all of the signals of everyday life, so they get overwhelmed. Overstimulation is a condition where baby becomes overloaded because of sensation, sound, and stimulation. Baby can’t process all of … Read More

The Baby No One Else Knew

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The Baby No One Knew About In the month of October, we will honor all of the little ones who left us too soon. Some of them, before we were even able to hold in our arms. OMG I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT If you guys follow me on social media, you know that we announced our pregnancy and … Read More

Expecting? Read This Now! Dads at Birth

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What every expectant dad needs to know! The importance of partners at birth with Beautifully Connected

Why Are Partners At Birth Important? Why Dads Matter! Partners are the missing piece in the modern day birth culture equation. Gone are the days of the nervous fathers pacing the waiting room of the maternity ward with a cigar in their mouth. Partners weren’t always “allowed” to be with the birthing women during labor. This is a relatively new win … Read More