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Beautifully Connected is a holistic health and wellness company in Oklahoma City, OK. We provide In Home, Mobile Massage to our clients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, Moore, Guthrie, and Wellston.

Our professionals have over 1000 hours of education, and have helped over 750 families feel well and get relief from pain.

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Clients Say...

“Awesome! I have two little ones and when I hurt I’m stuck at home, she comes to me and fixes me! Her prices are great and she’s very attentive to what is angering the muscles and nerves! I don’t know what I’d do without her, definitely a God send! Thanks Brittany”
Megan C. Oklahoma City, OK

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We serve all of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. We specialize in relaxation, chronic pain, injury, prenatal, and wellness.

We are well versed in the use of complementary therapies like kinesiology taping, and essential oils.

Don’t worry about finding a sitter, or leaving the house. We will bring the table, sheets, and therapy to the comfort of your own home.

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Our In Home Massage Clients Say We Are the Best in Oklahoma for Mobile Massage

“In awe of my experience! I am stunned at the relief!

I had such awful mid back/lower back pain 8 weeks postpartum…but I actually went in for terribly painful neck pain, unable to turn or bend it. I asked for all the services provided, I was so desperate for relief!

In one session Brittany assessed my pain and alignment/ muscle fatigue… and completely addressed the root of the issues I had in my body. She even got my ribs (which had apparently slid out of place) back into their proper arrangement. I have received many massages from different professionals…none were ever as thorough or as aware of the muscle breakdown I had in my stomach, or as able yo relieve as much of the pain or leave me feeling energized and refreshed as Brittany did.

My neck pain was 95% gone the next morning with nearly 90% mobility….in just one day after only one session! My stomach muscles immediately felt activated and tightened, my lower back does not ache, nor does my upper back, or my hips…my posture feels so much more correctly aligned and stronger. I felt energized as soon as I left, not groggy or drained. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone seeking to alleviate postpartum pain/discomfort or any type body pain, she is amazing!”

Halie H. of Oklahoma City, OK

“I have had a number of massages from Brittany and have always been pleased with her professionalism and her work. Also, she’s great with kids’ massages”
Laura D. of Central Oklahoma

“Brittany is just awesome, so knowledgeable and helpful with treatments that I needed and didn’t need. She was so good at answering all of my questions and listening to my concerns! So glad to have met her! And I am feeling great!”
Samantha C. of Central Oklahoma

“I had injured my foot after a fall in a parking garage. I was desperate for some relief since I’m a nurse and needed to work a 12 hour shift the next day. I had a lot of pain with walking. Someone suggested Brittany and her services. She was able to slip me in, thank goodness. She did a light massage on it and then did kinesiology taping with rock tape. After a few hours, I could tell a noticeable difference in my ability to walk with reduced pain. After two days of using the tape with the method she showed me, I’m 95 percent pain free! I would definitely recommend her and her services”
Lisa H. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Beautifully Connected proudly offers families in Central Oklahoma doula services and massage therapy.

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