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Beautifully Connected is a holistic health and wellness company in Oklahoma City, OK. We specialize in Massage Therapy, Reiki, Mother Support, and Overnight Newborn Care. We provide integrative and holistic therapies for wellness and support.

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From Our Founder

“Reiki changed my life! After just one session I was able to function like a normal person. After years of drowning in chronic pain I finally found some relief. I love reiki so much that I studied and became a Master Healer! I can wait to share reiki with you!”
~Brittany Chavez

Have questions about health and wellness, or spirituality? Need help getting started or finding your path?

We offer life coaching. In addition to Reiki treatments.

Make the most out of your energetic healing session by moving forward and making changes with professional consulting.

reiki oklahoma city, reiki edmond

We serve all Oklahoma City, and Edmond, Oklahoma! We provide both in home and in clinic services.

It’s quick and easy to schedule and appointment with us online.

Our office is conveniently located on Broadway Extension and Memorial.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a energetic healing technique that was developed in Japan. It is administered by laying of the hands.

You have a physical body, and an energy field that surrounds your body. Reiki helps to heal you on a radical, energetic level. 

When you are not feeling well your energy isn’t functioning at full capacity! And you are more susceptible to illness and stress.

Our Master Reiki healer has studied the art over three years. We also incorporate the use of Essential Oils, Reflexology, CBD oil, Ionic Detox, and Life Coaching to accompany you on your journey towards health and wellness.

Energy work is a transformative healing treatment that increases your body/mind connection, boosts your mood, and decreases your pain and stress. Reach all of your health and wellness goals with reiki and life coaching!

Our Clients Say:

oklahoma city reiki client Steven B“I’m an oilfield worker that does a lot of heavy lifting and repetitive motion. Brittany has been a lifesaver. She’s personable and makes the treatment comfortable by chatting and playing music. She takes the time to ask what is bothering me and focuses on those needs. I would highly recommend her for anyone that needs help with pain management or relaxation.”
Steven B. Oklahoma City, OK

Reiki: Evidence Based Treatments

Reiki is a well researched treatment. It has been proven to help:


reiki in oklahoma city, ok“I first contacted Brittany out of desperation. I have lived in pain for years, but lately it had been excruciating and debilitating. I am awaiting my official MS diagnosis, but I also have ruptured discs in my low back and a broken tailbone which cause my SI joint to be in constant pain. Brittany did a treatment on me, that was the best decision ever. No meds have ever made me feel that good. I could even walk up right without having to hold on to furniture for support. Brittany’s services have helped me return to a quality of life that I didn’t think possible with out major medical interventions.”
Angela M. Oklahoma City, OK

What to Expect:

During the session the practitioner will hover over your head and body. Wear comfortable clothing so you can relax!

You may feel heat coming from the practitioners hands. Tingling sensations, coolness, and warmth are also common!

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Beautifully Connected offers reiki services to oklahoma city and Edmond, OK .

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