Oklahoma City Massage Therapy-
Specializing in Pain, Pediatric, and Prenatal

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Benefits of Massage

  • Stretch out weak, over used, and sore muscles
  • Decrease Pain. Including pain caused from chronic conditions, surgery, and trauma.
  • Help healing diastasis recti and cesarean scars
  • Breakdown my fascia adhesions and scar tissue
  • Improve Circulation
  • Improve Depression and anxiety
  • Help ease Chronic Pain. Including Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Pain Associated with Autoimmune Disorders.

Massage Therapy: Find a Modality to Fit your Needs!

Our massage professionals are licensed with the state and have over 1000 hours of education. We are certified to use kinesiology taping, and offer it at no extra charge with all of our treatments. We especially enjoy helping clients with Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Disorders, Pregnancy, Nursing Issues, and Work Related Injury and Stress.

We maintain continuing education, and stay up to date on current pain science, and best wellness practices. Beautifully Connected integrates a wide range of therapies into our sessions including Aromatherapy, Raindrop, CBD, Reflexology, and Ionic Foot Detoxes.

We have extensive training in Herbs and Oils, Chinese Medicine, Prenatal Massage, Infant massage, and Medical Modalities. Our well rounded, up to date, and expansive training enables us to serve all of our clients in a complete and efficient manner.

Relax, heal, and find relief with us. Your body serves you well! Treat your body so it can continue to support you!

oklahoma city massage therapy

  • Prenatal Massage  helps ease hip pain, low back pain, sciatica, and circulation. Massage is also beneficial for Optimal Fetal Positioning: if baby is in a good position mom will have a shorter labor. Focus on You!
  • Medical and Manual Therapy is beneficial for people who struggle with chronic pain, injuries, and surgeries. Medical massage can help remove knots and trigger points, stretch and lengthen hurt or overused muscles, and aid in recovery after surgery. Feel Good!
  • Reflexology is a Chinese foot and hand massage that has been used for thousands of years. Improve pain, get your body ready for labor, and help keep contractions regularly with reflexology. Enjoy!
  • Post-op care We combine our knowledge of Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage with our knowledge of Pain and Kinesiology Tape to help you heal from orthopedic surgery. This type of service is only offered at the recommendation of your physician. Heal!https://beautifullyconnected.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=3686886
  • Neuromuscular Therapy Work out tensions, knots, trigger points, and the stresses of life. This is the perfect massage for people who have a demanding lifestyle, caretakers of children, and for people who live with chronic pain. Revitalize!
  • Couples Relax and enjoy with a special someone. Perfect for a holiday or anniversary gift.
  • Don’t have time for a full hour? Schedule a Manual Therapy Session!
  • Kinesiology Taping for improved posture, acute and chronic pain, and better athletic performance. Click to learn more about Kinesiology Taping.
  • Ionic Foot Detox A treatment to help your body detox from toxins in the organs, joints, and lymphatic system. The foot baths take 30 minutes. They can be added on to any treatment, or scheduled stand-alone. Treatments are not suitable for pregnant women, people with pace makers, and people with type one diabetes. Additionally: the treatment should not be done on people who have open sores on their feet.
  • Home Massage (Mobile Massage) Bring the therapist to you! You can enjoy massage therapy in your own home. This is especially beneficial to our pregnant clients, people who have chronic pain, and people who have young children.

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Our Clients Say:

oklahoma city massage therapy client Steven B“I’m an oilfield worker that does a lot of heavy lifting and repetitive motion. Brittany has been a lifesaver with massage, and kinesiology tape. She’s personable and makes the session comfortable by chatting and playing music. She always explains what she’s doing and why. She takes the time to ask what is bothering me and focuses on those needs. I would highly recommend her for anyone that needs help with pain management or relaxation.” Steven B. Oklahoma City, OK

oklahoma massage client Hillary D“Brittany helped me during and after my pregnancy. She was able to work out my muscles when I was pregnant to help my body relax before labor. She was also able to help my mom/nursing back tightness after my daughter was born. She is truly a lifesaver!”
Hillary D. Edmond, Oklahoma

edmond massage therapy client Julia W“I have had several Massages from Brittany at Beautifuly Connected while pregnant and she is fantastic. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how to make a very pregnant woman comfortable and feel great during the end of pregnancy. I got massages from Brittany regularly at the end of my pregnancy and during that time I felt the best out of my pregnancy. She is incredibly talented massage therapist and I highly recommend her to friend and family.”
Julia W. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact us to book an infant massage class! Private classes start at $40. Group discounts are available.

Pricing and Availability

Contact us to make a reservation to visit our clinic for Oklahoma City massage therapy. Our clinic is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, off of Broadway extension and Memorial. We conveniently offer services all over the metro area for mobile in home massage therapy. These services can be added to any doula package. Massage is meant to compliment, not replace your medical treatments.  Continue to consult your medical doctor. 262-75-DOULA(36853)