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Imagine for a moment: You are on the way home from the hospital with your new baby!

In the hospital, someone has come to check on you and take care of you every few hours! If you have a question or need help, someone is just a “call-button” away!

But now it’s time to leave. As you are riding home, reality sets in. You have a baby! A baby that you will love and care for! It’s a little overwhelming because you are now going home, BY YOURSELF with a tiny human!

What if you can’t get the baby latched without a nurse’s help? What if they cry inconsolably? How do you know they are eating enough? Don’t stress, because you are not alone!

Your postpartum doula meets you at home with a reassuring smile. She helps you unpack, settle in, and helps you get baby latched on. She reassures you that YOU ARE making enough milk, and that you are doing an awesome job.

Soon you begin to realize how much help the postpartum doula is! You and your partner are eating well. You are showering every day, napping, AND SLEEPING at night! She helps you with practical tasks like folding laundry and washing pump parts.
Your doula helps you figure out what kind of baby gear is the best! She even helps you weed through advice that all of your well meaning friends and relatives have given you during their visits, so you can figure out what works best for your family.

Did I mention that you are getting great sleep? With a newborn!

Help and Support after Baby is Born!

It’s difficult to figure out how to care for yourself, and a keep a newborn happy! If you have other children it ADDS to the juggling act!

Drink water, Eat Real Food, Meditate, Read to your baby, Entertain family and guests! It’s a little overwhelming.

When you bring home a new baby, you experience a WIDE range of emotions: Fear, Panic, Love, and sometimes even Doubt. Every Baby is different, and none of them come with an instruction manual! It can be difficult to know exactly what they need!

Is My Baby Hungry or Overstimulated?

How Do I Swaddle Like the Nurses in the Hospital?

Why Won’t My baby Stop Crying?

Is My Baby’s Latch Ok?

How Do I Calm a Crying Baby?

We have packages available and can work with any budget!

We even include overnight care in our services! We help get baby to sleep while you get some sleep! This is especially helpful for families with twins and multiples, and home birth families who need someone to help care for them after baby arrives!

Oklahoma City postpartum doula, overnight newborn care, night nurse

Postpartum support is also important for cesarean moms. A cesarean birth is a major abdominal surgery. You won’t be moving around much.

Picking up other kids, taking out the trash, and even holding and caring for your newborn can be overwhelming and painful tasks.

You deserve to have practical support during your postpartum recovery.

Postpartum doulas hold the “fourth trimester” as sacred. You and baby are working hard to learn how to sleep, eat, bond, and adjust to life on the outside!

We offer consistent care on a weekly basis to support you fully, or to supplement the help that is available to you through your friends and family. 

You can purchase support packages, or you can book a la carte support as needed!

We believe that sleep is a vital life function. Unfortunately, some babies believe that sleep is overrated.

Get sleep so you can maintain your wellness, maintain your profession, and feel like a normal person again!

We will stay with you and provide overnight support 7 nights a week until baby is sleeping through the night!
We will provide overnight support 5 nights a week.
We will provide overnight support 3 nights a week.

Overnight care is 10 hours a night. Sleep Investments start at $760 and hour. Additional support is available A la Carte

Our postpartum fee Ranges from 24-30 dollars an hour, depending on package sizes. We do not charge extra for twins or overnights.

  • Short term Support: Less than 24 hours
  • Intermittent Support: 24-48 hours 15% Discount
  • Long term Support48-120 hours 20 % Discount
  • Live in Support Available: More than 120 hours 25% Discount

Set Up a Complimentary Consultation to Find a Package that is Right for Your Family

Our office is conveniently located off of Broadway Extension and Memorial. Set up a time to come and meet with us! We will take the time to create a support package that is perfect for your family. Don't have time for an in person meeting? Give us a call or text at 262-75-DOULA (35852)