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Childbirth Education
Rebozo Wisdom

Childbirth is an intimate experience that will change your life. Get prepared with Beautifully Connected! We offer classes in the comfort of your own home, and group setting classes! Our comprehensive class has been carefully developed by our birth professionals. We don’t teach any particular “method” on how to have a baby. Our curriculum teaches you about labor, birth, and support. Each class is unique to your questions and needs an will leave you prepared to handle labor and birth informatively, confidently and blissfully!

Learn about Rebozo Wisdom in Labor!

Learn about what's important to you!

  • Comfort techniques for labor
  • Relaxation and progression of labor
  • Physiological change in labor, and why it's important
  • Developing a birth plan that fits your needs
  • Pain science, why we hurt, and why it's not bad
  • Positions for laboring and pushing
  • Pain management, (medication, and natural)
  • Support for Natural Birth
  • Recovery tips for vaginal birth, and cesarean birth
  • How to cope when things don't go according to plan
  • Coping with previous trauma or loss
  • Preparing your other children or pets for a new baby
  • How to use Rebozo for your Birth
You and your partner are the only people in this class! Our instructors will personalize your classes so that you get the most out of your experience with us! Ask questions that pertain to your situation and your birth plan, and enjoy the intimacy of this experience with your partner. 
Birth Blissfully with Beautifully Connected. Rebozo Support  and Prenatal Education Oklahoma City, OK

You can Birth Blissfully.

Buy Your Own Handwoven Rebozo
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.Marie Curie

Rebozo Support

Rebozo is a traditional scarf that has been used by Mexican and Central American midwives for centuries. It is a piece of ancient knowledge and wisdom! Learn about how to cultivate intimacy in your birth and be well supported. Share in the knowledge and learn the many uses of Rebozo for labor support and comfort.

Your partner is your main support throughout life; it should be the same for birth. Allow us to help you find the knowledge that you are seeking, and to have the birth you deserve! We give you the tools, techniques, and information to make that possible!

Our intimate class is offered to all of our doula clients at no additional cost. Group discounts are available. We teach the Gena Kirby Method, and offer classes for families as well as birth workers, and offer Novice Certification through Gena Kirby University.

Not in Oklahoma City? Not a problem! Contact us to set up a workshop in your area.

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Prenatal Education and Support


  • Three Hour Private prenatal education session.
  • Discounted Prenatal Massage Sessions with beautifully connected
  • Email Support During Business Hours
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A La Carte Services

  • Custom Visual Birth Plan

    We will design you a custom visual birth plan. Visual birth plans are easier to read, and easier for hospital staff to follow. Give us up to 15 important details of your plan! Find examples of our previous plans here$25

  • Birth Plan Consultation

    Don’t have a plan yet? Set up a 1 hr phone or video chat consultation with one of our birth experts. Our certified doulas will help you learn about all of your options and find out what is best for you! $50

  • Prenatal Massage

    Help relieve common pregnancy related ailments like: sciatic pain, hip pain, and ligament pain. Our Licensed Massage Therapists have over 1000 hours of education and know how to take care of you throughout pregnancy. Learn more. Starting at $65

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Beautifully Connected offers Oklahoma City Metro area doula support. We are proud to serve families in Edmond, Norman, Moore, Mustang, Yukon, Midwest City, and Oklahoma City. We have worked with families outside of our service area in the past, who intended on birthing in a metro area hospital. Additionally we offer Childbirth Education and Prenatal Meetings virtually. We would be please to serve as your personal assistant for your pregnancy. Please contact us if you have any questions.