Evidence Based Benefits
for Doula Care

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What are the Evidence Based Benefits of Doula Care?

Imagine having someone on call for you, waiting to support you when you go into labor. Having someone to provide you all of the information about birth, and what to expect. Having someone to help you and your partner discover what birth preferences work for your unique situation. Imagine for just one minute: hiring a personal assistant to support you emotionally before birth, and physically throughout your entire labor. A doula can provide all of these services!

Hiring a doula sounds like a wonderful idea. But is there any quantifiable evidence that a doula is actually, medically beneficial?


(Words underlined in blue, link to studies)

  • Doula care can reduce anxiety in mothers.
  • Oklahoma City postpartum doulaDoulas empower clients, and help them realize that their decisions and emotions are important. They also help with initiation of breastfeeding.
  • Doulas keep clients informed about birth, especially for first time mothers.
  • Doulas work adaptively with clients to maintain nonjudgmental support and inform them of their options, even when birth doesn’t progress according to preference or plan of the family.
  • Doulas humanize mothers during labor and childbirth. They do not make decisions for their clients. Rather they help clients in engage and make decisions, while providing respectful support and attentiveness.
  • Doula care can decrease the risk of cesarean and preterm labor.
  • Doula care can decrease the rate of non-indicated cesareans for low risk mothers. Further studies show the association between doula care and preterm and cesarean birth, insurance reimbursement for doula services would save state Medicaid programs money.

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