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Here is a list of some obstetricians in the Oklahoma Metro area. Our experienced team of doulas are here to assist you during your pregnancy.

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Beautifully Connected is a holistic health and wellness company in Oklahoma City, OK. Our certified and insured professionals act as personal assistants to your family.

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“I didn’t realize how much a doula could benefit a mom with a surgical birth, but really, she is the most amazing labor support ever.”
Sarah Smith

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We serve all Oklahoma City home births and birthing facilities including: INTEGRIS Health Edmond Women’s Center, Edmond Birthing Center and others in the surrounding area.

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Local OB-GYN Doctors.

OU Medicine
Dr. Lydia Nightingale M.D.
825 NE 10th St #3300,
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
(405) 271-5239
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Mercy Clinic OB/GYN – Edmond I-35
Dr. Michelle Brunnabend D.O.
2017 W. I-35 Frontage Road, Suite 260
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 216-4004
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Mercy Clinic OB/GYN – Mercy Plaza
Dr. Levine Amanda M.D.
3815 S Boulevard,
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 341-9996

OU Medicine
Dr. Pamela Miles M.D/
825 NE 10th St #3300,
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-5239
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Mercy Clinic OB/GYN – Mercy Plaza
Dr. Darren Goff, M.D.
4140 W. Memorial Road
Suite 215
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-8361
(405) 242-4030
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OU Medicine High Risk
Dr. BreeAnna Gibson, M.D.
920 Stanton L Young Blvd # 241, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-5239
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Children’s Hospital
The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center
1200 Children’s Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-­4700
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Mercy Hospital
4300 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
(405) 755-1515

Other Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Professionals That Serve Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Healthy Birth Alliance
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Sarah Dragman Photography
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Central Oklahoma
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La Leche League
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oklahoma prenatal massage therapy client. Hailey H.“Finding Brittany was one of the best things to happen to my pregnancy. Like I told her, I’m only disappointed I didn’t find her sooner! If you’re anything like me, someone coming to your house to massage you while you’re 6 months pregnant could be the most awkward moment you’ve ever had. However, Brittany was so professional, knowledgeable, and does everything in her power to make you feel comfortable. She’s also very talented. Prior to our appointment I was starting to “slow down” I felt like my back, hips, and legs were all feeling the extra weight. After her visit I felt rejuvenated, even taking a walk that evening which I hadn’t done in a few days. Thank you thumbtack and Brittany.”
Hailey H. of Central Oklahoma

Doula Client in Central Oklahoma“Brittany was very caring & concerned about every aspect of my wife’s pregnancy. She was even able to help me remain calm (first time father) & helped me understand the best manner to help my wife through this very trying time!”
Cal J. of Central Oklahoma

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Beautifully Connected proudly offers families in Central Oklahoma doula services and massage therapy.

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We provide doula services for clients delivering in this area. We also work with people outside of this area. Travel fees are $1/1 mile. We provide doula services for clients delivering in this area. We also work with people outside of this area. Travel fees are $1/1 mile.