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Benefits of Pediatric Massage

The benefits of massage therapy for adults are well known. Children receive the same benefit as adults, and sometimes it is even warranted to improve discomfort and dysfunction!

Beautifully Connected offers a special “Pediatric Massage Rate” for children 10 and under. We strongly believe in the power massage has to help and heal, and want to make sure it is accessible for your family. Learn more about our rates by visiting our massage therapy page.

Psychological Benefits

  • There is much benefit in regular massage therapy for your children, especially in our touch phobic society. Humans crave touch. We need that sensory input to thrive and survive. We teach our kids about inappropriate touch and stranger danger. But, too often, many of us forget to talk about good, non-sexual touch. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to introduce good touch to our kids.
    • Reduce stress
    • Reduce tension
    • Decrease anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness
    • Improve overall mood
    • Promotes body awareness and healthy body image

Physical Benefits

  • Children, especially school aged children who sit in desks for much of the day, can have muscular restrictions and discomforts just as adults do! Working, moving, learning, and growing is hard work, and puts a physical strain on the body. Additionally some children may be born with congenital muscular restrictions. (Tongue tie or ankyloglossia, or congenital torticollis.) Massage therapy can be beneficial to these children. By fixing restrictions as children we can help them become healthy, functional adults!
    • Correct and heal dysfunction
    • Prevent dysfunction by means of early intervention. (Working on fascial restrictions and trigger points as they form.)
    • Improve circulation
    • Increase immunity
    • Relaxes muscles
    • Encourages deeper breathing
    • Releases restrictions in connective tissues, and muscles

Massage Therapy Benefits for Infants

  • Infants can benefit greatly from massage! Most babies are born with muscular tensions from childbirth. (From both vaginal and cesarean births!) If baby has difficulty turning on one side, nursing on one side, or is generally uncomfortable, they may be suffering from some sort of muscular restriction. Additionally, babies who appear to be stretching one area repeatedly may be trying to work out a restriction or dysfunction. Releasing those tensions can help babies eat better, sleep well, be more comfortable, and less fussy. Additionally, the stimulus of massage is good for baby’s developing immune system, helps increase circulation, and helps decrease stress!
    • Increased weight gain
    • Decrease symptoms of colic and gas
    • Decreased stress (cortisol) levels
    • May decrease hospital stay in sick or preterm infants
    • May aid in developing good sleeping patterns
    • Stimulates sensory development and good motor function
    • May help with muscle atony or spasm in premature infants, or infant born small
Did you know that Massage Therapy can help Tongue Tied Infants who are in Pain and have Trouble Nursing?

At Beautifully Connected we employ massage therapists who have taken extensive training in special populations. We are trained to help pediatric clients, (infants, babies, and children,) pregnant and postpartum women, and people who live in chronic pain. We offer appointments at our studio in Edmond, OK. Or, bring the massage therapist to you with our convenient in-home, mobile service. To find our more, visit our Massage Therapy page under our Services Tab.

Call us to book an infant massage class for your event! Classes are $40 for private sessions. Group discounts are available. 262-75-DOULA (36852)
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Oklahoma Pediatric Chiropractors

  • Wilson Family Chiropractic
    Dr. Josh Wilson, D.C.
    14511 N Santa Fe Ave,
    Edmond, OK 73013
    (405) 242-4911
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  • Revolution Chiropractic
    Dr. Adam Duncan, D.C.
    Dr. Rachel Duncan, D.C.
    12211 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73162
    (405) 721-4800
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  • Hackney Chiropractic
    Dr. Josiah Hackney, D.C.
    Dr. Daniel Hackney, D.C.
    408 S Santa Fe Ave,
    Edmond, OK 73003
    (405) 388-2348
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  • Green Family Chiropractic
    Dr. Kevin Green, D.C.
    Dr. Courtney Green, D.C.
    501 N Mustang Rd, Ste A
    Mustang, OK 73064
    (405) 376-4300
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  • South OKC Chiropractic Clinic
    Dr. Tyler Pertree, D.C.
    8013 S Western Ave, Ste A
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    (405) 604-5295
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  • Cardon Family Chiropractic
    Dr. Aaron Cardon, D.C.
    1472 N Mustang Rd, Ste 102
    Mustang, OK 73064
    (405) 256-6806
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